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The Tarot Demystified!

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

So, you've made it this far in your life and heard about this thing called Tarot! Someones fathers best friends girlfriend told you that it was this 'real cool thing where witchy women tell you your future'...or perhaps you've heard skeptics bash it and say it's "pseudo-science" and no one can tell the future! Are they right or is it all just fake balony that con artists trick people into believing because they so desperately want to believe?

Well, as with any really depends on who you visit, and who you listen to, and how well you do your research before you choose a reader!

Tarot has been around for a very long time, that is one thing for sure! It was originally a card game that took a more esoteric turn back in the 1400's in Italy according to historical manuscripts. Prior to this transformation, or evolution as it could be seen...card games were popular from 1375-1377. They contained the four suits...hearts, spades, clubs and diamonds towards 1480 and sometime in the 15th Century, the original Tarot Deck was created.

The cards seem to have initially been known as the “carte da trionfi”, or “cards of triumphs”. It wasn’t until centuries after the Tarot came to life that devotees of the occult in France and England encountered the cards and saw esoteric meanings in the enigmatic symbolism of the cards. There is a long and rich history surrounding the use of Tarot cards and I encourage all my readers to dive deep into learning as much as they can before entering into a session, with me or anyone else. I say this because I think there is a large portion of the population who are under the impression that the Tarot can tell them their future, and they go into a reading with this expectation...that the person they are paying will tell them their unequivocal future, and if they don't then the reader must be a charlatan!

This is a misconception that I think would serve my audience and potential clients well to be rid of. There is one truth in Tarot reading and that is...The point of Power exists in the Present moment. It is from the Present moment that the Past and the Future unfold! There may be predictable patterns that some people may be able to read, but again, this does not mean that what they predict will 100% be accurate or unfold for the client. Pretending that it will does nothing but keep the stereotype alive of dodgy yet mysterious, velveteen clad, purple robed gypsy women staring into a crystal ball under cover of a dark tent at a local fair, telling the lonely spinster what she wants to hear and taking her gold coins for it! That's why there is so much skepticism around Tarot to begin with, because people like this have always existed.

What Tarot CAN offer, is Spiritual and Psychological guidance and encouragement towards greater clarity around Life issues! This is the Tarot that I offer.

How this works is by allowing the symbology of the images that are presented on each of the cards to work on the persons subconscious mind, to unlock insights and clarity, and potentially whole answers to questions that the person already knows the answer to but may just need a bit of help discovering is there!

In truth, the reader can only act as a guide through the course of the allocated time given, and speak about the symbols she/he sees, and their meaning or whatever intuitive input they can offer that usually will strike a chord with the client, so that whatever their issue was when they came to the reader, can now be viewed with more clarity and often times the feeling of Hope that a situation will improve at the very least, or be resolved in the best case scenario.

I can only assist in guiding you towards clarifying the issue and giving potential outcomes that could unfold that will assist you further in the direction of your dreams. It is 100% UP TO YOU what you create in your life. I am not responsible for anything that happens in your life that may unfold after you receive a card reading, either for the better or worse! Allow life to unfold as it will with your focus on what you want ideally, not what you don't want.

I welcome any and all questions so if you decide you would like to try out my readings, please feel free to ask me anything on your mind and I will answer to the best of my ability. You are at least a bit more informed now about what Tarot is and isn't, and what expectations you may need to leave at the door as you enter this domain! It will save you much disappointment later as expectations are what create disappointment! Come in with an open mind and leave pre-conceptions at the door and you will be pleasantly surprised. :)

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