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Clarity during uncertainty

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

How important is it? To find that silver lining amidst all the confusion...the one little piece of crystal clear knowing that can bring you out from the darkness, lift you up to where you know you need to be! During times such as this, it can literally save your life! To be buoyant in spite of the level of chaos and grief, is no easy feat.

Meditation is a subject that has become very popular in recent years, and with good reason. The benefits of sitting still, alone with your thoughts, can bring not only feelings of happiness,to elevate us up from the collective despair so many of us are experiencing at the moment with the current crisis our beautiful world is now vulnerable to, to a better grasp over our own thoughts and emotions, as well as more energy to complete daily tasks and lift productivity, if you are blessed with no debilitating mental health issues that is...and lets face it, most of us are affected in some way!

There is something so special about meditating in a hall with about 30 people or more. A certain quality in the air descends and things become tangibly quieter, and the silence has a fullness to it that cannot be described with words. Monks know this. This is their daily practice and experience.

Individually, many people who are new to meditation find it very challenging, as did I when I first started meditating over 20 years ago! We're not used to such a 'boring' lack of stimulation, and find it inconvenient to just sit there, and unfulfilling, as well as, dare I say, scary to be faced with our own thoughts. Silence is not popular. It is not something that is valued in this noisy world, and yet, it is what we need so badly to bring ourselves back to Self...back home!

This crisis has brought many positives to the forefront of this critical time in the history of humanity and the world. Mother Earth is able to finally take a break from her childrens' constant madness and insanity that is modern life! Able to relax and breath for a change, things are clearing up...the waters are becoming cleaner...the air is becoming cleaner...the creatures of the World are starting to return to areas they had previously abandoned. This is all such a good sign that there is hope.

What I feel the underlying message, and opportunity we are being given here, that is so precious, is the chance to slow down and learn to go sit with Self and regain our sanity, as well as touch base with our Power as radical heal ourselves and the planet, one by one!

I know this is not what the majority are actually doing with their time, sadly, but I'm hoping that at least in this corner of the world where I can have a tiny bit of influence towards catalyzing change in the world, that people who read my words will feel inspired to learn to sit with themselves and dive deep! What lies within is priceless treasure.

In dark times its good to know there is a beacon to help you find your direction once again, and to see with clarity where you are going.

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